Dr. Rocco A. Errico, a brilliant and gifted teacher, renowned bible scholar and author has dedicated his life to the study of the Bible from original Aramaic texts.

 Throughout his lifetime, Dr. Errico has helped thousands understand the Ancient Semitic Culture and Customs, so essential to a meaningful understanding of The   Bible and practical spirituality.

  He is proficient in the Aramaic and Hebrew languages and has a unique knowledge of Near Eastern culture gained through first hand  experience with his mentor, Dr. George M. Lamsa, a native Aramaic speaking Assyrian and author of The Bible from original Aramaic texts.   His teachings, based upon the Aramaic translation, history and culture of the Ancient Near East, are free from 2000 years of rigid orthodoxy, doctrines and dogma.   

He is specifically devoted to the simple original teachings of Jesus, their practice for daily living and the manifestation of love, peace, Joy and harmony in our world today.

An accomplished author, he has written  several books including “ Let There Be Light, The Seven Keys”, “And There Was Light” and “ Setting a Trap for God” as well as  The Aramaic Light series of commentaries for every book of The Bible.  He has been a contributing writer for Science of Mind magazine for many years.  

Doctor Errico holds a Doctorate in Philosophy from the School of Christianity in Los Angeles, a Doctorate in Divinity from St. Ephraim’s Institute in Sweden, A Doctorate in Sacred Theology from the School of Christianity in Los Angeles and has served as a minister for more than fifty years.