It is the only Bible  translated directly from Aramaic into English. 

The Bible as we know it in the western world (King James Version and others) are translations that have been re-translated from Latin and Greek and then English.    Many words and expressions that were originally Aramaic have been  translated incorrectly due to difficult transition from one language to another and to the background of the scholars who did the translation.

It is the only Bible  translated by a man whose native language was Aramaic and who grew up in the Semitic culture  expressed throughout The Bible.

Dr. George M. Lamsa grew up in a remote area of the Kurdistan mountains, now northern Iraq, untouched by modern civilizaton until World War I.  He spoke the Aramaic language , lived in the tents of ancient nomads,  experienced all the rituals and customs of the ancient Semitic people and Jesus.  He was familiar with the idioms and metaphors, and the cultural events described in The Bible. 

 There are more than 12,000 differencTherees in translation comparing the King James with the Lamsa bible.  In addition, interpretations differ based upon his understanding of  idioms, metaphors, customs and traditions.