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 Course # 2   The Teachings of  Jesus  Part Two 

In this course we will focus upon Matthew Chapters 6-7 and the topics of Giving and Receiving, The Golden Rule, What Jesus taught about God, Forgiveness and Healing. We will explore the relevance of these teachings in our world today.
This is a five week class taught in five sequential sessions online.  Sessions are recorded for those who cannot attend live.

To promote the awareness and true understanding of Jesus' teachings.

Seminar is taught by Penny Swackhamer and Martin Niforth

Registration  FEE:   $45   or make a minimal contribution of any amount.

Register for October 15, 2019 Class

Books required:
Aramaic Light on the Gospel of Matthew
Paperback (ABI Store)

And There Was Light        Rocco A. Errico
Paperback( ABI store)

E-Book (Amazon)

Holy Bible from Eastern Texts        George Lamsa- Paperback or  E-Book (Amazon
Paperback( ABI store)

E-Book (Amazon)