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Jesus and the Kingdom Message

Bible scholars from all perspectives agree that Jesus’   central message was “The Kingdom of Heaven on earth.” However, a meaningful understanding of this “spiritual kingdom” and the path to eternal life has been absent from traditional scriptural interpretations.  This course will focus on Jesus and the spiritual fulfillment of this “The Kingdom” and establish the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth Now and throughout eternity.

Description   This online course will familiarize students with Jesus, the man, teacher and prophet  and his mission ,  The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth .    Through the study of the Aramaic translation of the Bible and the culture of the Ancient Near East, this “Spiritual Kingdom”  will be revealed and applied to our world today.  The course will include study of the Beatitudes.

REGISTRATION for FEBRUARY 11, 2020   $45  REGISTER HERE    or     A Minimal Contribution  CONTRIBUTE

Books required:

The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth     George Lamsa -  
Paperback (ABI Store)

E-Book (Amazon)

And There Was Light        Rocco A. Errico
Paperback( ABI store)

E-Book (Amazon)

Holy Bible from Eastern Texts        George Lamsa- Paperback or  E-Book (Amazon)

E-Book (Amazon)                                             

The Institute's  Committment
We are committed to serving everyone who has an interest in taking this course.  There are no qualifications except interest in learning.  We will be accessible by e-mail and telephone to all students to answer questions or discuss any concerns.  Our goal is enlightenment.