Introduction to Idioms and Amplification

Idioms are characteristic of Ancient Near Eastern speech and writing and are used in our world today.  However, idioms are common only to the language and culture where they are used.   Idioms in The Bible are often taken literally because we in the western world do not understand the language and culture of the Ancient Near East.  One prime example is the  idiom  "hellfire".  It does not mean a place where you burn.  In Aramaic it means  "mental anguish or torment".
Therefore the passage takes on new meaning when the idiom is translated properly.   Matthew 5:22

Amplification is characteristic of the Ancient Near Eastern way of speaking and writing.   It is a form of exaggeration used to frame a story to emphasize how really great the person or the event really was.  Samson is an example.  He killed many with the jawbone of an ass, but not a thousand. 
Scripture  Judges  15:15

Seminar Description
This seminar is an introduction to  the Ancient Near Eastern speaking and writing styles in the Bible.   We will identify idioms and amplification passages and provide the meaning based upon the Ancient Near Eastern understanding.

To recognize  Idioms and Amplification when reading The Bible.
To emphasize that the The Bible cannot always be taken literally.    

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