Introduction to Mysticism

Mysticism or dreams and visions make up more than forty percent of  The Bible .  When you understand that a story is really a dream and not to be taken literally,  there is clarity and a more meaningful understanding of the story.  The Book of Jonah is a vision and Jonah was not swallowed up by a whale.   In a vision anything unrealistic can happen.  And  "To be in a fish" is an Idiom  meaning " to be in a dilemma". Scripture  Jonah:1:17

Seminar Description
This seminar is an introduction to Mysticism in The Bible.  Mysticism is "communing with God" and makes up more that forty percent of The Bible. We will study the visions and dreams of  Abraham, the prophets, Jesus, Paul and Peter and  common men.      

o understand what is meant by mysticism and communication with God.
To identify those passages in The Bible that are  visions or dreams and their meaning based upon visions and dreams.

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