Introduction to Aramaic Language

Aramaic Language was the lingua franca of the Ancient Near East as far back as Abraham. Abraham spoke Aramaic as did Jesus and the late Dr. George Lamsa, who translated the Bible directly from Aramaic texts into English. Dr. Lamsa's life experience living in a culture like that of Jesus allowed him to more accurately translate not only the written word but the context of the words as well. The Lamsa translation, when compared with the King James Version of the Bible reveals more than 12,000 differences resulting in a clearer and more meaningful understanding of the stories in the Bible.
Seminar Description
This course is an introduction to the classical Aramaic Language used to translate The Bible directly from Aramaic to English. There are more than 12000 differences from the King James and other traditional bibles.  We will identify  words that were mistranslated and taken out of context  to reveal a very different meaning to various passages in The Bible.
To understand why there are many differences in translations and how they impact the meaning of the passages and our understanding. 

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