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At no other time in history has it been so essential to understand and practice the teachings of Jesus that he showed us more than 2000 years ago. Our efforts to establish peace over these many years have failed.  Wars and fighting will not bring peace.  Only the practice of Jesus’s teachings from the hearts and minds of individuals will bring peace and love to the world.  Our mission ,then, with this program is to return to ancient days when Jesus walked the earth as a man and teacher and take a closer look at what his mission was and what he taught. Through the understanding of his teachings ,  we will learn how to put them into  practice now and together we can make a difference in this world.   

The program will consist of  three (3)  six week courses and a final  sharing and discussion session which will be scheduled as needed.  One course will be scheduled each term.

Students will register and pay for each course individually.  When the written assignments are turned in you will be considered part of the program and credits will be attributed.

Course # 1   Jesus and the Kingdom Message
In this course will explore the background  of  Jesus, the man and teacher.  His growing up years, his education and his relationship with God and the people of the time.  We will focus on his “ Kingdom Message”,  that is the “Kingdom of Heaven on Earth” and will include study of The Beatitudes.


Books required:  The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth  George Lamsa -  Paperback or E-Book (Amazon)

Holy Bible from Eastern Texts-George Lamsa- Paprback or  E-Book (Amazon)

REGISTRATION FEE   $45     Register Here


Course # 2   The Teachings of  Jesus  Part One
In this course we will focus upon Jesus and the Law, how Jesus interpreted the law  and how these teachings are or can be practiced in our world today.  We will use Matthew  5-7. 

Books required:  Aramaic Light on the Gospel of Matthew   Errico and Lamsa
                            And There Was Light     Rocco A. Errico



Course #3    The Teachings of Jesus Part Two

We will continue with  Matthew 5-7  and we will study  Jesus’ parables of the Kingdom.



Course #4  Group Sharing and Discussion

Students will be required to keep a journal  listing  their observation of the Teachings of Jesus in practice or  their own practice of the teachings.  Students will share and discuss their  findings in a group telephone conference to complete the final course.    

REGISTRATION FEE  $0           .    

 The Institute’s Commitment 

We are committed to serving everyone who has an interest in taking this course.  There are no qualifications except interest in learning.  We will be accessible by e-mail and telephone to all students to answer questions or discuss any concerns.  Our goal is enlightenment.   You may also call us at 770-592-5632 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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