Teachings of Jesus Program

Teachings of Jesus Program

The Teachings of Jesus Program

At no other time in history has it been so essential to understand and practice the teachings of Jesus that he showed us more than 2000 years ago. Our efforts to establish peace over these many years have failed.  Wars and fighting will not bring peace.  Only the practice of Jesus’s teachings from the hearts and minds of individuals will bring peace and love to the world.  Our mission ,then, with this program is to return to ancient days when Jesus walked the earth as a man and teacher and take a closer look at what his mission was and what he taught. Through the understanding of his teachings ,  we will learn how to put them into  practice now and together we can make a difference in this world.   The program will consist of  three (3)  five week courses and a final  sharing and discussion session which will be scheduled as needed. 
Students will register and pay for each course individually.  



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Introduction to the Bible Certificate Program

Introduction to the Bible From the Ancient Near Eastern Perspective
Online Line Course

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the Aramaic translation of The Bible and The Ancient Near Eastern culture of the time using “The Seven Keys" (Aramaic language, Idioms, Mysticism, Psychology, Culture, Symbolism and Amplification), essential tools for knowing how to read the Bible and develop a meaningful understanding of The Bible.  Through lecture, online class and discussion, independent study and written assignments, students will learn to read The Bible and apply “The Seven Keys”.  Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate from The Aramaic Bible Institute.        

Course Length

There is no set length for completion of the course.  The course is taught online over a period of  12 weeks (Term) with six live lectures. (Lectures are recorded).   The live portion of the course (six lectures) is taught 3 times each year.  However you may enroll at anytime as the lectures are not sequential.   The course may be completed as independent study viewing the lectures and videos online.  There is no time limit, but we encourage attendance at live lectures and immediate completion of written assignments. 


*Live lectures are recorded for those who cannot  participate in the live lectures and will be available on the website for viewing.   

In addition to the live lectures,  Six lectures by Dr. Errico can be viewed on the website. .    

Students can interact via the chat mode during the lectures. 

Written Assignments 

There will be six written assignments and a final assignment.  Questions will be short sentences and short essay type questions.  There will be a final project assigned  which will be essay format one to three pages.   

Written assignments will be posted on the website.    Assignments should be completed using Microsoft Word and e-mailed.

 ** Those who are not particularly computer saavy may make arrangements with us to submit by postal mail and/or to submit  legibly hand written assignments.  Students will receive written comments by e-mail.  

Grading / Completion

Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.   Every effort will be made to work with students toward successful completion.


Open to anyone interested and willing to complete the assignments.

Required Books 

             The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Text....... George Lamsa (available in ABI store  or  e-book from Amazon)

              King James Bible or other Bible

               Let There Be Light-The Seven Keys….Rocco A. Errico (available in ABI store  or  e-book from Amazon)

               And There Was Light…Rocco A. Errico (available in ABI store) 

Books may be purchased online  when registering.  We offer a special discount for both of Dr. Errico's books as well as a discount on the Lamsa bible.

COURSE FEE:   $125    Register Here     If you are financially challenged, Please call us.  We want to make this course available to all.

You may also call us at 770-592-5632 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Institute’s Commitment 

We are committed to serving everyone who has an interest in taking this course.  There are no qualifications except interest in learning.  We will be accessible by e-mail and telephone to all students to answer questions or discuss any concerns.  Our goal is enlightenment.  


Upcoming Events

04 Jun 2018;
09:00PM - 09:30PM
Bible Study Online
24 Jun 2018;
11:00AM -
Santa Fe Gathering